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Who we are

The full name of the Association of development is  AjAwineleb’ Re Tzuul Taq’a –  usually  abbreviated to  Association TzuulTaq’a. The Boardof Directorsis formed by members of the community of Seaxpens. 

The name is written in the native Q’eqchi’ language, and means “the sowers of hills and valleys”.

Its main function revolves around the legalization of land and the legal certainty of this, which is exactly what the board of directors is aiming for. 

It began in the year 2009 with the support of legal persons of the independent Association of Lanquineros United for Community Development ALUDEC and the Union of independent farmers Tzuul Taq’a of the Sebulbuxhά Community, San Pedro Carcha, AltaVerapaz. 

It began working with eight communities (five from Carcha and three from Lanquin):  


   Carchá communities                               Lanquín communities

Seaxpens, Sebulbuxhá,                         Samastun, Chibayl y Colonia Belén

Sechinacté Sur, Sesujquim, Setal 


On request another six Carcha communities were incorporated on the same  conditions: Cambayal, Chibut, Sebulbuxha Chimel, Secuajbal, Setztac y Catalpec.

With each of the communities the procedures were prioritized and classified according to the approach for the legalization and judicial certification of their land. Within this classification are mentioned the national farms Seaxpens, SebulbuxhάChimel and Secuajbal as well as the  private ones ( Sapper) Sebulbuxhά, Sechinacte South, Sesujquim, Setal, Cambayal, Chibut, Setzac and Catalpec. 

In the municipality of Lanquin transfers, external were performed. With the advance of the process, conditions and obligations were identified that should be taken by each community to continue with the legalization of the land. Several communities resisted these processes, when they began to negotiate with farmers elsewhere. Four communities withdrew from the process: Cambayal, Chibut, Sesujquim and Setal.  Currently ten communities are still participating in the process...(Read More)


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